Stuff I sampled a couple of weeks ago, and what I sampled them with.

So, I'm scrolling through Facebook this morning after another stint at work and something on my timeline catches my eye. It's a video of a French electronic producer Jacques sampling items in a Montreal Thrift store. Although this concept is not new, it was still interesting to watch nether the less. As an avid charity shop fan myself (I actually recently brought my promo outfit for this EP in various charity shops; including a bright pink boiler suit), I liked the idea of doing this. Usually I will only pick up musical items, but I've never thought to purchase "junk" just for it's acoustical properties. A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out a bunch of musical crap that you can see above, to sample. Other than the violin, it was all either given to me or picked up at a carboot sale/thrift store. There's an old recorder, an autoharp, an African thunder stick, African style Kalimba and a metronome among some other things. I recorded them all (along with a few household items) with both the Sony PCM-100 recorder and my old-as-fuck cassette dictaphone. I covered the process in my newest album update, so you can see more of the process when that happens.

The thing about items regarded as junk, is they are usually just that. If you're looking for a unique sound, then peoples cast off's are a good start. They're cheap, unusual and most people cannot be bothered to go through the process that Jacques did in the video. You could even go one step further and sample actual garbage - think of the PR.

Personally, I like finding things at home like spray cans or items you hear everyday. I am terrible for picking up "souvenir" instruments on holiday and children's instruments in charity shops (especially when I go through my circuit bending phases... hahah). Anyway, here's one of Jacques newest tracks (courtesy of his Facebook page).

After all the research I've been doing on Pierre Schaeffer and Musique Concrete, I found the video with Jacques quite a funny coincidence. Especially as he refers to capturing "moments with sound"; a view that very much alligns with Schaeffer's approach to sonic objects.

On another note, I re-installed Premier Pro so it's back to the video grind.

#Recording #Sampling #Progress #Nightcrawler

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