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The more that I've been progressing on the project, the more that I have been sampling like crazy. I used to be picky, sampling only with "proper" microphones or my boyfriends Sony PCM-D100, but recently I've found myself in situations causing for quick recording. In these instances, the only device that I've had available is my iPhone 5.

What's interesting about an iPhone 5. is that you can record via the Voice Memo setting and then lock your phone which means you can record people and things without them knowing; even holding the phone close to them. You can then email the file to yourself making it easily accessible. Of course, there are ethical concerns to be raised. In the past week I've recorded drunk women arguing in a Whetherspoons in London, a seemingly normal conversation in a dodgy situation (of which I can't discuss. Lol) and I asked my American friend to say "Dayuuuum" (of which he kindly obliged). Then I've also been recording some phone conversations with close friends and family. Just to be clear, no sensitive or personal information will make it on to the final record. Audibly, I can disguise their voices through pitch shifting and FX. I can even map their voices to MIDI; to allow me to trigger attacks of words without fully ever playing their speech. Any person whose full voice makes it on to a track will be asked for permission first (in writing, might I add).

I'm not trying to be a creeper by recording people, I'm trying to capture genuine moments and splices from now. I think that organic sounds and lo-fi recordings can really add to electric music on a textural level. There's also the added bonus that these sounds mean something to me.

For a previous project, I asked friends of my mother to leave voicemails about happy memories they had of her (of which I didn't know). Her best friend left a beautiful message, and unfortunately, she herself has passed on now; but I find it comforting. It was a moment from a time which has passed , a nice little memory.

Currently, I have 4 songs written. I have made myself sit everyday and write music until I am utterly sick of it. Haha. The way I write is very sporadic, so I've needed to reign it in in order to keep to my personal deadlines.

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