Wovoka's Vision

Previously, I mentioned discovering some of late mum's CD's in a box tucked away. One of the CD's that caught my eye was called Global Journey - Ghost Dancers.

(Here's the Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/album/6rC02Rc99YUoj9d20uKonV) I put on the CD today as I was organising some things, and was immediately caught by the first song; Wovoka's Vision. There was some interesting Eagle screeches (I mean how do you sonically characterise American Indians appropriately?) as well as loud singing. The mix was well balanced and definitely atmospheric. As I was listening to the MIDI pan-pipe extravaganza of the Rosebud Dance, I had a thought; "Who the fuck produces this stuff? And would they let me access some sweet American Indian chanting stems?"

Interestingly, this ties in with a VICE interview I recently watched with Adam Ant, which helped to put me on a different track of thinking. He mentioned finding inspiration within other cultures, especially vocally. He would chant and use the voice as an instrument (something I like to do, only in a more ambient way).

After some light research, I was able to discover that Ghost Dancers was in fact produced by an English company; Global Journey, whom are based in Manchester. I will try calling them during office hours, just to get a little more information, however judging by their website, I think that it may just be a customer service line...

I've always held an interest in American Indian culture, and I'm definitely interested in exploring it more within the scope of the project. Whether it's samples or inspired instrumentation/vocals; I would like to incorporate some element into my project.

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