Demanding Inspiration

I'd like to say that there's been a creative breakthrough, but only in that I've felt rather morose lately (boo hoo, etc). I don't know about you guys, but I write music a lot more concisely when I feel like shit. The ideas and music flow a mile a minute, and then I just have to discern what's actually half decent to progress with. My plan at the moment is to write most of the music, address where I want the tape FX and elements to be and go from there. Initially, I had hoped to begin with tape and analogue instruments but some of my plans have fallen through. At the moment, I need to focus on finishing the album by the end of the month if I am to stick to my schedule. Funnily enough, I have been clearing out my apartment in a big way. Whilst doing this, I came across a box with some of my late mothers CD collection. I had forgotten all about it, and amongst some of the cringe worthy titles (I'm talking about you Now That's What I Call Music 1997...), I found some rather interesting CDs. Namely; Buddhist Chants and Peace Music and Ghost Dancers - an American Indian Chant album.

"Ooohh I could sample these" I thought to myself. I could even go one step further; rip them to tape and sample that. (I must admit that I haven't heard them yet, but I will find a way to make them work). I then remembered that I don't have a flipping CD/tape player - so tomorrow I shall be crawling the car boot sale in search of CD/cassette players (and instruments... you can be amazed at what people are selling at car boot sales). This also reminded me of one of my inspirations for the project; my mum's dictated tapes. I have resisted listening to them as to not further smear the sibilance of her voice (the tapes are old, and the more you listen to a cassette, the more you degrade it...) but in finding her CD's I was reminded to convert these tapes to start some of the more technical restoration work needed.

My mum was a medium and spiritual healer when she was alive, and the tapes dictate a book she was writing about spiritual development. Some also feature past life regression and some of the group work she did. Whether you believe in that stuff or not, they make for interesting listening. It's also nice for me to include my mum into the project in some way (I am the first person in my whole family/extended family to get a Masters degree and I know she would be really proud of that).

A photograph of my mum's aura, as taken in Sedona, Arizona

It's been a very long week. A very tough one too, but music has been written and I'm starting to establish the acoustic aesthetic of the album.

All the photos on this blog are taken by myself (Katt Strike), unless otherwise stated,

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