Album Update: Number One

In terms of progress on Nightcrawler, there hasn't been much since my initial post. I've been pretty exhausted for the past two weeks (until today actually), which has meant that not a lot has gotten done. I've been trying to find work and also trying to re-start my YouTube channel; all of which is very time consuming. In terms of the project, I've been thinking a bit about incorporating YouTube more. Video editing in itself is a lot of work, but it's something I genuinely enjoy (is that a bit sad?). I did intend to have one video out as part of this project, but I think I can do a bit more. Vlogging the process could be a good idea, but also music videos...

Hrmmm... I think I'm going to start by making some "mind maps" and a big old moodboard to get the ball rolling. But interestingly (or not...), the biggest hindrance to the project is money... eeeek! I've been applying non-stop for jobs so fingers crossed!

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