Two months ago I had a psychic reading. Whether you believe in that stuff or not, she was very good and picked up a lot about me (without me telling her anything). Over the course of the hour-long phone call, my YouTube channel came up a few times (she even subscribed to me at the end. Awww yeah). Anyway, she told me that I need to work on it. Keep at it, that kind of thing.

So I have been. It's funny because I already had a lot of plans for the direction of my channel and my career, so it was interesting that she brought it up. Above is the first cover (I'll be uploading weekly on Mondays). It's of one of my favourite songs; Smother by the band Daughter. If you enjoy it, then please consider subscribing to my page, or even recommending what I should sing next.

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All photos by Jenny McCord Photography © 2016 Katt Strike

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