Nightcrawler: A New Journey

As part of my Audio Engineering Masters, I'm required to keep a blog detailing the journey through my Final Major Project (or FMP for short). Sooo here we are! If you weren't already aware; my FMP will be centred around writing a new EP/short album and distributing it on cassette tape. It's all very exciting, and I've had a lot of ideas for it. The project will be released at the start of September to purchase, so keep your eyes peeled. Above is the artwork for the EP. As I'm very visual, I like to have the artwork in mind before I begin a project. It helps keep me focused, and I find that it can help with creative decisions. (I will do another post on how the how the artwork came about, but in short, I wanted something I made myself that gave a slightly mysterious vibe...).

Currently, the project is based on the theme of Neo-Tokyo; kind of a retro look at the future if you will. After seeing the live action re-make of Ghost in the Shell, I was inspired to make my own music influenced by both the aesthetic and sound track for the film.

The 80's has come back in a big way recently, so I feel that I must be clear in that I don't wish to copy the acoustic aesthetic of that era, but instead be inspired by it; taking elements from it and making them my own.

In being a big anime and 80's movie fan, I decided to compile a list (with the help of Twitter) of films I should watch to prepare and inspire me for the project. I've been looking at elements such as sound design, the music and even the acting in some cases. I find that it can be easy to burn-out by doing too much music stuff, and as I watch between 1-3 movies a day anyway, I felt like this could be a fun way to start the project (I will do another post just about the movies...).

But anyway, back to the project. Heh.

As previously mentioned, the aesthetics of the overall project are very important to me. I'm interested in fashion, art and photography and although the music should just be about the music, there are other elements to consider. Styling, promo shots, promotional materials, etc are all important, and I will be undertaking all of this myself so having an overall "vision" is important. Funnily enough, I haven't had to look very far to have a face full of the 80's. The 80's are everywhere at the moment.

Just today I was perusing VICE and found this article interviewing various young people in Tokyo. Each seemed to possess their own colour scheme and well put together look, which could probably be misconstrued as haphazardous to some. In the middle set, we're getting some serious Madonna circa 1980's vibe. The gentleman with the orange hair seems to be more aligned with the early 1990's rave scene (only with an added fur coat) and the girl with the blue dress seems almost "tea-time punk" with her shaved head, dyed hair and vintage aquamarine tea dress. I find that each could work as a basis for character concepts, or even as inspiration for my project mood board. Each are very unique, but I like all of their outfits equally.

I have started writing some of the music for Nightcrawler. But it's all very rough at the moment. For now, I'm putting together some mood boards and watching some movies for research. He he...

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